Flexibility, competence and technology make Gimatic at the forefront. This is the winning strategy adopted by Gimatic, a strategy known and appreciated all over the world.
What makes a business competitive is its continued desire to grow, as evidenced by its constant investment, with 10% of its annual turnover reinvested in research and development year after year, to expand its business around the world.
Gimatic can count on a well-organized and highly reliable capillary network of distributors and consomies, essential to guarantee a continuous flow of new products.
It is a sales network that not only markets Gimatic products, but also collects the user’s requests and builds a specific solution for the specific need.
Gimatic is also synonymous with quality, a feature guaranteed by the use of innovative and technologically advanced machinery and a close-knit control procedure that monitors both components and finished products. On 24 March the Gimatic Board of Directors adopted the Organization, Management and Control model here.