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About us

Technologies and systems for industrial production
Years of Experience
Our team

We take care of:

  • Industrial maintenance in the fields of mechanical, fluidics, on-board automation and industrial electronics.
  • Planning, design, manuals and business consulting with emphasis on occupational safety.
  • Industrial software development on various platforms, using the programming languages of leading manufacturers in the areas of process cycles, Motion control.
  • Conveyors, vacuum conveyors for material handling and industrial handling.
  • Systems suitable for powder and granule conveying applications, forming, filling mills, mixers, explosive atmospheres, hygienic or compact applications.
  • Various supplies of robotic systems for production lines, Pick and place, as well as a wide range of industrial products and spare parts.

Our work philosophy

Consulting & Planning

Detailed industry analysis, in-depth understanding of characteristics and needs. Identification of strategic objectives and business opportunities related to machines, equipment, parts and controls. We engineer industrial or special machines according to agreed specifications.

Realization Phase

Product development, monitoring and user experience, leveraging evolution and Identifying improvements to optimize features with feedback.
Focused approach to discovering and enhancing new features, ensuring new or renewed projects are competitive in the market.

Support & Maintenance

Our approach is designed to improve the operational effectiveness of equipment through sustainable maintenance. We offer services for cost control, supporting you in defining the right maintenance regime for the specific requirements of your plant or the one we built.

We love what we do
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