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Comau Mate-X

Our partnership

Since this year, in agreement with COMAU and IUVO, YES Automation is a distributor of the occupational exoskeleton developed by them. These are wearable robots for the purpose of reducing physical exertion in heavy-duty work. The two robots are the MATE-XT and the MATE-XB, described below:


MATE-XT is a device for supporting the muscles of the scapular district to reduce strain in raised-arm work. Many studies show that the working population of highly industrialized countries, as they age, suffer the risks of a significant increase in musculoskeletal disorders.

The MATE-XT exoskeleton allows the wearer’s upper arms to be supported by replicating the physiological movements of the shoulders and arms. In this way, the worker’s perceived load is alleviated, significantly reducing physical fatigue.

The carbon fiber backrest, on the other hand, allows support for the spine. By improving ergonomics, MATE-XT allows for an increase in workers’ well-being and, consequently, their quality of life and work in the medium and long periods.

MATE-XT was the first commercially available exoskeleton with EAWS (Ergonomic Assessment Work-Sheet) certification, attesting to its ability to reduce biomechanical loads while performing demanding tasks.

Specifically, it can reduce muscle strain at the shoulders by 30% and, consequently, also reduce the load perceived by the operator.
In addition, it can help to increase working accuracy by 27% and execution speed by 10%, while reducing the cycle times by at least 5%.


The MATE-XB was unveiled in June 2023 at the Automatica exhibition in collaboration with Esselunga, which participated in the development as an early adopter.

This robot is designed to reduce lumbar fatigue during manual lifting and handling of cargo, as well as working with flexed trunk posture.
It has been tested at Esselunga Group, a leading large-scale retail company.

The MATE-XB is perfect for case handling and more general logistics applications, and many other tasks in your production sector.

Both devices do not use motors and batteries but rather a structure of springs and gears to support the osteo – joint structure during lifting and load handling. It therefore creates short- and long-time benefits for the wearer through a significant reduction in physical exertion and fatigue.

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