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Policy & Certifications

Company policy, quality and safety

The primary goal of Yes Automation & Maintenance srl is to deliver competitive and high-quality products and services. We are committed to enhancing our responsiveness to meet the diverse needs and expectations of our customers, both in terms of technical competence and reliability. Our aim is to ensure that the services provided adhere to and fulfill regulatory and legislative requirements, both explicit and implicit. We also acknowledge the importance of safeguarding the health and safety of our workers in the workplace, as well as protecting the environment.

To uphold the principles and values outlined in our company policy, we have implemented a Health, Safety, Quality, and Environmental Management System. This system aligns with the standards UNI EN ISO 45001:2018 and UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, and is consistent with the specifications detailed in our Organization, Management, and Control Model, as well as our own Code of Ethics.

To attain our objectives and goals, our company is dedicated to adhering to relevant legal requirements and other obligations subscribed to by the organization. Through meticulous planning, we also commit to ensuring the establishment of programs and the availability of sufficient economic and human resources. This ensures the successful achievement, verification, and periodic updating of these programs.

The stated Policy will undergo an annual review to ensure its continued relevance and appropriateness in alignment with the organizational and production structure. Additionally, it will be updated and reinstated as deemed necessary.

Our strategy

Continuing toward
continuous improvement

Our objective is a continuous commitment to innovation and enhancement of the products and services we provide. This involves maximizing the utilization of resources allocated to Research and Development activities, facilitated by ongoing monitoring of customer satisfaction and the evaluation of present and future needs. Furthermore, we aspire to achieve continual improvement in ambient, health, and safety performance within the workplace. This includes identifying production processes and technologies that can mitigate safety risks and minimize environmental impacts.

Engaging internal staff
and stakeholders

The foundation for accomplishing our objectives lies in fostering the awareness of Quality, Environmental, and Safety issues among our employees.
This is achieved through their active participation in continuous education, information, training, and awareness-raising initiatives.
Additionally, special attention is dedicated to our customers and suppliers.
We ensure that all suppliers undergo sensitization and selection processes based on quality, environmental, and safety standards, aligning with the principles of corporate social responsibility.

Our certifications