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Digitization and optimization of business processes

With a view to providing services that are cutting-edge and integrated with new technologies, Yes Automation has decided to invest in the use of systems for the digitization and optimization of processes for its business growth.
Thus was born the collaboration with the partner Med Evolution author of a cloud platform of simple and evolved BPM (Business Process Mangement) “SIMPLE PROCESScompliant with the technologies provided by the industrial plan 4.0/5.0, which will give Yes Automation the opportunity to offer its customers digitization services and management of business activities and processes.


In order, to better define BPM (Workflow Management System or Business Process Management System), it is necessary to clarify the concept of Groupware introduced to denote a set of IT tools and methods that aim to facilitate and streamline the activities of several people who, sharing a common goal, constitute a group.
Groupware can be defined as a system that supports the activities of people working toward a common goal by providing them with differentiated modes of communication and sharing of the operational context, enabling:

– The integration and harmonization of individual contributions to the achievement of the common goal;
– The management of the life cycle of documentation belonging to the organization.

Therefore, BPM can be defined as an automatic process planning system that allows various participants to be kept up-to-date on the progress of the group’s work, and interacting with them when certain situations occur.

It is directed to

To all organizations whose people constitute work groups, but also to machines or programs that are part of the system.

Why introduce BPM technologies into business organizations

Introducing BPM (Business Process Management) technologies into business organizations can yield significant benefits, including:

– Reduced time to market: Accelerates the release of products and services, enhancing competitiveness.;
– Increased productivity: Minimizes production costs and enhances operational efficiency.;
– Improved customer service: Enhances customer satisfaction, fostering loyalty and attracting new customers;
– Architectural agility: Enhances organizational responsiveness to internal and external changes in business processes;
– Error reduction: Minimizes re-work costs and enhances overall process reliability;
– Optimized resource allocation: Frees up resources previously dedicated to management and control for allocation to new activities.

BPM offers remarkable flexibility as it complements rather than replaces human actors in the process. It streamlines competence-based activities and rationalizes collaboration aspects, thereby enhancing organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

Our solution

Our solution is a software platform designed to digitally manage workflows and reorganize organizational processes, ensuring efficient coordination of tasks and faster business process management.

With our platform “SP“, you can organize and optimize various processes according to your specific requirements. Collaborative workflows are created, enabling a systematic approach to each operational step, minimizing errors and delays.

Our software facilitates analysis and measurement by providing detailed business process mapping, enabling clear identification of improvement objectives for each process type.

Furthermore, our solution offers a unique feature by integrating a document archiving solution, allowing you to manage all processes and documentation digitally, providing a comprehensive and streamlined approach to process management.

Simple to use

Management of complex processes in a simple and intuitive way.

User Friendly

Users are guided step-by-step through task completion, ensuring seamless execution of their responsibilities.


It is possible to design, review and activate each process quickly.


Every company need can be translated into a process flow, and users can independently manage unlimited flows.

Reduction of errors

Lowered response time through preset rules and easily managed documents.

Improved efficiency

Using predefined routes, role assignments, deadline management, and process automation streamline operations and enhance efficiency.

Global status

The status of individual processes is always under control by managers.

Process involvement

Indipendentemente da dove ci si trovi: accesso al software da client, web e mobile.

Involvement in processes

Stay involved in processes from anywhere: access the software via client, web, and mobile platforms.

Native integration

Achieve seamless workflow with native integration to everyday tools like MS Office and email systems.

Personal work area

All assigned activities are tracked and managed through a personal workspace.

Process oversight

Monitor every process in real-time to ensure smooth operation.

Dinamic Process 

Configured processes can be created, versioned and put into fully autonomous production.


Each company can define its own processes to optimize its operational flow.


Real-time view of process status and change on individual active process as needed.


Real-time user notifications through e-mail, popups and mobile app.

Organizational chart

Multilevel organization chart, which can be customized for each flow. Roles and professional figures are fully customizable.

Organized work

Our platform facilitates the management of work hours, holidays, time zones, organizational areas, workloads, and more.

Virtual desk

Each user has a work area with tasks to be done and tools to manage the process according to their entitlements.


Every operation is meticulously tracked across the various stages of each configured process.

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